Sunday 5th March 2023

Shiatsu & Yoga Workshop

at Love Yoga

Martin & Charlie


10.30am – 4pm


£30-£50 sliding scale

Workshop Details:

Join us on the 5th March as we explore our internal emotional environment and how it affects our relationship with the world around us. Using the Eastern lenses of Yoga and Shiatsu we will seek to build an understanding of our emotional patterns and how these are affected on a daily basis by the lives that we lead. Once awareness has been built we will explore techniques and ways of adjusting our emotional state depending on our needs at any given time. This workshop will involve yogic postures (asana) and hands on touch of acupressure points. You will leave feeling empowered and with a new found understanding of your personhood, relationships to others and connection to the world.

This workshop is suitable for yoga students, bodywork students or anyone who would like to relax more! It is also an introduction to the Living in Harmony Shiatsu course starting next month.

Shiatsu & Yoga Workshop