About Charlie

When Charlie attended a yoga class in 2013 she realised she had discovered her passion. She began a dedicated daily Ashtanga practice under the expert guidance of Sarah Hatcher, from which her inquisitive and curious nature led her to travel the world exploring different aspects and approaches to yoga. Her structural scoliosis ignited a keen interest in yoga therapy and using the practice to reestablish balance within the body; in pursuit of this Charlie was drawn to both Matthew Sweeney and Bharath Shetty’s teachings. Extensive studies with Matthew have allowed her to become one of the few teachers worldwide qualified to teach Moon Sequence. Through intensive practice and study with Bharath Charlie learned his specialised, therapeutic sequencing. Here, her playful and experimental approach to asana was also nourished, alongside a deeper exploration of the more subtle elements of yogic life: pranayama, meditation and chanting.  Through all this she has gained over 800h of teacher training. This experience and dedication is paired with an infectious enthusiasm and easy going attitude. Ultimately, through her teaching, Charlie aims to take yoga off the mat and into people’s lives, helping them to connect in a more profound way to themselves and others.